Intermediate Term 4 – Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone!

It’s getting to the fun time of year again, with our fantastic Christmas events fast approaching. Our final combined concert is always one of the highlights of the year always promising to be a fun way to bring on the Christmas spirit! Please note that your daughter/son requires a cap and sunglasses for one of our songs. The cap needs to be like a baseball/sports cap – it could even be your YAV cap! Choristers will need to bring their caps to every rehearsal so that they can practice with them starting from next week.

Now could be a good time to dust off that choir uniform and check that it fits. If you need another YAV t-shirt they are available from the office. We also may have a pre-loved t-shirt in your child’s size. The Combined Choirs Festive Concert will be held on Sunday 5 December commencing at 3.30pm and concluding at 5.30pm at the Wesley Kent Town Uniting Church (the church right next to YAV!). Details regarding meeting and collection points and times for the rehearsals on the day will be forwarded to parents and caregivers soon.

This term the Intermediate choristers will be given the opportunity to sing in a small group if they want to show they are ready for the next step. We encourage choristers to have a try. They will not need to sing on their own. I will select a song they know really well in two parts and they will sing with their allocated small group. Once we have a list of choristers who would like to participate, we will allocate a time during our normal rehearsal time for this to occur. It may be necessary to begin slightly earlier and go a little later for this rehearsal, depending on how many would like to sing. We will contact you if your child is required outside of normal choir rehearsal time.

Margaret Lange, Emily, Jesse and I will also be watching with interest to see how choristers’ musicianship and sight-reading skills have improved over the course of the year. It is a great time for us to hear how your child has progressed throughout the year and choristers have enjoyed singing in small groups with their friends for this activity.

Our final rehearsal is planned for Wednesday 8 December. This fun night will include games, a viewing of the DVD from the concert and lots of fun times! Don’t’ miss it – it is a fabulous way for our choristers to say goodbye to their friends for the holidays.

Thank you to our Intermediate choristers for your fabulous singing and support of each and YAV and to you, the parents for making sure this all happens.  It’s been a great year of music and it’s been a joy to get to know so many new choristers in Intermediate choir this year.  You “old” ones are pretty cool too!


Intermediate Choir update & YAV letter

Dear Intermediate Choir Families,

We did it! After three tries over 12 months, I am so delighted that we were able to finally record What do you do with an idea on Saturday at the ABC. I was so impressed with your focus and your willingness to keep trying to improve over all the repetition we had, so we could get this amazing piece of music the best we possibly could.

I also want to thank the Trish, Jesse, Emily, Kat team who saw us through the process in the rehearsals and on the day, and thank our parent and grandparent volunteers. It was such an important project, and we could not have done it without your support.

There are many things going on this term, and we have outlined them in a Term letter (downloadable below) from Melissa Mellen, YAV Chair, and me.

Assessments are coming up – we will be giving you some more information about that as soon as we can, but we may not start next week 27 October. Stay tuned!

Please note that due to Covid restrictions the Norwood Pageant is definitely not going ahead on Saturday 27 November.

We hope that they’re able to bring it back in 2022, it’s such a lovely event for our younger choirs, supported by 2CC.

We look forward to hearing you at the Combined Choirs Festive Concert on Sunday 5 December!

Thanks, Christie

What Do You Do With An Idea? Recording 16th October 2021

Dear Families,

We have finally made it!  After a number of postponements, we are going to be recording ‘What Do You Do with an Idea’ this Saturday!

Please note the information below for Saturday’s recording. 

Drop off time:                      9:15 for 9:30am warm up  

Drop off place:                    There is a small carpark in Rosetta Street, Collinswood, behind the ABC.  Please drop your child off there.  The guardians will have Hi-Viz vests and YAV caps.

Collection time:                  In the same place on Rosetta Street

                                                  Intermediate Choir collection time is 11:30am

                                                  1CC & Aurora collection time is 4pm

What to wear:                     It’s really important you are comfortable and have silent clothes!

  • YAV Choir T-Shirt or Idea T-shirt from 2018
    • Jeans or tracksuit pants, no noisy material
    • Comfortable sneakers and socks as you will be standing.  No jangling!
    • Soft quiet jumper in case it gets cold.  Nothing with dangly zips etc
    • Face mask (Inters will need to wear one, but we have paper masks available)
    • Hair back and off your face
    • No noisy jewellery: earrings, bracelets etc

What to bring:                     A packed lunch for 1CC and Aurora (in a bag with a cold pack) and healthy snacks plus a full water bottle for all. 

                                                  A quiet book or game.

YAV’s Covid exemption from SA Health.

In order to record without masks, YAV had to apply for permission to record without them.  To

give us the best opportunity to get the exemption, we have asked all choristers and guardians to be masked when in Studio 520, including those under 12.  Masks will be taken off to record, then put back on again when we have finished each take.

It is essential that everyone wear a mask when not singing.  Your parent volunteers will support the choristers and help wherever needed.

Parent volunteers:            Thank you to Alex, Sharon, Lizzie, Nikki & Alison for volunteering!

Thank you so much for your support in putting this incredible work together, it has been so rewarding working with all choirs!

Best wishes,

Christie, Jamie, Trish & Jesse

Saturday 18 September Rehearsal

Dear YAV Families

A quick reminder that choristers are required to attend a rehearsal on Saturday 18 September from 10:00 – 12:00pm for “What Do You Do With An Idea”

If your child is unable to make the rehearsal, please email the choir office if you haven’t already done so.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Kind regards

Anthea Charlton

Choir Coordinator

Rehearsal reminders for next 2 weeks & Info on recording day

Just a reminder that Intermediate Choir are required at YAV on Thursdays for the next 2 weeks for rehearsals with 1CC this week and next

NO WEDNESDAY rehearsals for Intermediate Choir in weeks 9 & 10.

Rehearsal Schedule

Wednesday 15 September – no rehearsal at YAV

Thursday 16 September – Combined rehearsal Inters, 1CC & Aurora from 5 -6pm – YAV Halls

Saturday 18th September – YAV 10am-12noon

Wednesday 22 September – no rehearsal at YAV

Thursday 23 September – Combined rehearsal Inters, 1CC & Aurora from 5 -6pm – YAV Halls

Term 3

Wednesday 13 October – no rehearsal at YAV

Thursday 14 October – Combined rehearsal Inters, 1CC & Aurora from 5 -6pm – YAV Halls

Saturday 16 October – Recording day at ABC Studio 520 Collinswood – 9:30 – 11:30

Recording Day – parent helpers required

All choristers ages 12 and over are currently required to sing in masks for rehearsals and performances.

We have applied for, and been granted, an exemption from mask wearing from SA Health just for the actual recording time at ABC Studio for our 1CC & Aurora choristers.

With this exemption comes strict requirements for our staff and accompanying adults for mask wearing, QR code check in etc as well as our Intermediate Choir wearing masks in the building when not recording.

We are seeking 4 Intermediate Choir guardians who can support our younger choristers by

  • Ensuring mask compliance at all times when the choir is not recording
  • keep them socially distanced as much as possible when not recording
  • take them outside for break/snacks
  • personally wear a mask all of the time inside and be covid-requirement aware

We will have a short meeting with parent helpers at rehearsal pick up, 6pm Thursday 14th October to run through the schedule for the Saturday morning and YAV’s requirements in order to be covid-compliant.

If you would like to offer to help with this please email:

More details regarding chorister drop off/pick up and the arrangements for the morning will be communicated next term.


YAV Manager

Choir Administrator position

Dear YAV families

As you may have heard, Tracy Shepherd is leaving YAV after 10 years of incredible work in the organisation.   

Tracy has been instrumental in improving, creating and updating all our systems.  She designed the new website and designed all the systems for both WATU Youth Choir Festivals, in 2015 and 2018 and has coordinated all our Covid plans and has made sure YAV has been compliant throughout the pandemic, an enormous task, given the concerns around singing.

She has very much been the beating heart of this organisation from behind the scenes, and will be terribly missed.

YAV is looking for a part-time Administrator to replace Tracy, and choir community is an ideal place for us to look – we welcome another like-minded person into our team.  The application can be investigated through Youth Choir Administrator Job in Adelaide – SEEK and applications close on Monday 13 September 2021.

Tracy will be with us until Thursday 16 September before she goes to her new job.  We want to thank her so much for the wonderful work she has done at YAV and wish her the very best in her new role.

Best wishes,

Christie & the YAV Staff

Quick Reminders

Dear YAV families

It is wonderful to be back and to be able to hear the children singing and having fun!

Just a couple of reminders:

Please do not park in the Church car park when you drop off or collect your child. This is a safety issue, especially when we have a lot of children walking through there. Please park on one of the streets surrounding the halls and walk your child in.

If your child is unable to attend a rehearsal please ensure you email or call the YAV office ( or 8362 3885)

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday.

Kind regards

Anthea Charlton

Choir Coordinator

“What Do You Do With An Idea?”

What Do You Do With An Idea?”

Recording at the ABC Studio 520

Dear Intermediate Choir families

Please find below some information regarding the upcoming event – “What Do You Do With An Idea?” As we are working with both 1CC and Aurora for this project, the Intermediate Choir will be joining them on a Thursday as listed in the schedule below.

Rehearsal Schedule

Wednesday 15 September – no rehearsal at YAV

Thursday 16 September – Combined rehearsal from 5 -6pm – YAV Halls

Wednesday 22 September – no rehearsal at YAV

Thursday 23 September – Combined rehearsal from 5 -6pm – YAV Halls

Wednesday 13 October – no rehearsal at YAV

Thursday 14 October – Combined rehearsal from 5 -6pm – YAV Halls

Saturday 16 October – Recording day at ABC Studio 520 Collinswood – 9:30 – 11:30

What to wear to the ABC Studio 520

We would like our Intermediate Choir to wear their orange YAV T-shirt for this recording.  If you need to purchase one, please contact Anthea in the office. We have a few pre-loved T-shirts at $15 and new ones are $35. Children should wear comfortable trousers and shoes – more information will be sent out closer to the recording date regarding shoes!

Please contact the YAV Office if your child is unable to attend any of the above rehearsals

This is an exciting project, and we are thrilled that the Intermediate choir have the opportunity to make this amazing recording which will be released to schools in 2022

Kind regards

YAV Team


Young Adelaide Voices is seeking a reliable, self-motivated and organised individual with excellent communication skills, to provide the administration role for its 6 choirs.  This is an ideal opportunity for a creative person to manage a flexible part-time position working with South Australia’s leading youth choir school.  

The successful applicant will be required to have confidence with a variety of IT applications and be open to liaising with all stakeholders from the YAV community to professional arts organisations.

Community-minded in nature, Young Adelaide Voices welcomes candidates who are excited to work with the choir and its Artistic Director to foster growth and development of young people in youth music and singing.  To this end experience in music performance and/or event planning and a demonstrated ability to build effective relationships and partnerships with schools would be an advantage.

Applicants can apply to:

Application due date: COB Friday 10 September 2021

Applicants will be notified on Monday 20 September and if successful will be interviewed on Wednesday 22 September 2021.

Full job description: